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Connect-ID brings together entrepreneurial ideas, projects and people. Entrepreneurial ideas and projects do not always get off the ground sufficiently due to a lack of time, resources, expertise, creativity, entrepreneurial knowledge, partners, ... On Connect-ID you can publish entrepreneurial projects and ideas, interest in entrepreneurship and sought-after expertise so that you can find the right partners and make contact with them to discuss a collaboration. Does your entrepreneurial project or idea needs a boost or do you think you are entrepreneurial and can provide expertise? Then Connect-ID is an interesting place for you.


Share your knowledge

On Connect-ID you can publish your own entrepreneurial idea or project, or contribute to the idea or project of someone else with the knowledge from your own field of expertise.

Find a match

Are you looking for someone with entrepreneurial experience? Or rather an entrepreneurial engineer? With Connect-ID you will find the right people with the right knowledge and skills.


Together with your new team, your dream project will become a reality! By keeping your project up to date, you can always find new partners in every phase of the project!

Success Stories

Thanks in part to Connect-ID, the following companies have started successfully.



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Connect-ID is a project with the financial support of Smart Hub Vlaams-Brabant